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The Gallows, a family-owned and family-run custom framing business located in the historic Old Town district in the heart of Pocatello. The shop first opened in June of 1982 and did only framing at that time. Sence then, The Gallows has grown into an operation that serves as a gallery for local artists,a dealer for limited edition and open edition artwork from all your favorite artists around the United States.

The Gallows also house's it's own wholesale mat cutting business, which is located on the internet at This part of the company sells quality matting to other business, such as photo shops, retail stores, and others that order in quanity.

We also cut photo mats for your special needs.
The Gallows strives to provide the best custom framing availible at competitive prices.

From personal mementos to fine art, conservation framing to decorator prints, the framing possibilites are endless!